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SWL May Be Done


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Hi guys,

I have a SWL that doesn't light up anymore (doesn't light the load and the LED strip doesn't light either)

Except when I push the air gap tab in. Then the lowest LED on the strip lights but goes out immediately

as soon as I release it.


Just a last ditch posting in hopes theres a solution before I go out and replace it.

Seems to be an odd way to go down. I've never seen that before.

I should mention I just replaced the regular incandescent bulbs with cheaper LED bulbs as far as the load goes.

And the switch has resided out in one of my barns for a number of years. It's v.27

Any hopes before I remove and replace?



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Hey Drew

Pressing the switch in is for set mode (short) and factory reset (= 5 seconds). 

Air gap is pulling the set switch out with tweezers (or something) for at least 10 seconds and then pushing in.


  1. Actual airgap as described above and retest
  2. Factory reset as described above, and restore device from the admin console

Both are easy to try. 

After that try right-click and diagnostics - device links. Does it error out? Does it match ISY links



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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the fast reply.

I did air gap (pul tab out for ten seconds then push it in) I'm fuzzy on the nomenclature 

(not really, but I've been waiting all year to use that word, haha)

I'll try a factory reset and get back to the forum with my findings.




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Strange, and unlikely - but possible.  I had a 25w-equivalent LED fail in a very non-obvious way that essentially made a newer switchlinc completely unresponsive.  Yet, the LED was indistinguishable from it's twin on the other side of the garage door.  If swapping the LED bulb is difficult (danged ceilings these days -- when I was young, why, we had proper ceilings in our caves - could reach them all without needing to climb...) -- anyway, if you can't reach the LED, disconnect the load first while you're swapping the switchlinc and see if it operates properly without a load.  That way you've only one wire to put back...

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