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FOR SALE: Huge Lot of Insteon and Related Gear - Hub, Sensors, Outlets, Modules and so much more!


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All of the below is for sale as one big lot as I won't be able to piece things out. This all came from a single home and some of it was never even used! Feel free to message me with any questions.
Every device is in perfect working order and was bought brand new. Each device was either installed in only one house or some were never even used. When we moved I carefully removed all of these devices and replaced them with the standard stuff. 
Here is the list of everything you will receive (only being sold as a full set):
  • Insteon Hub - 2245-22 (Just what you need to get started with all this!)
  • 2 Insteon Access Points 2243 (Make sure all signals are properly sent in any sized home)
  • 1 Insteon Filter Link (make sure both sides of your electrical panel talk to each other)
  • 1 Insteon Outlet (Single Outlet is automated, second outlet is standard)
  • 7 Insteon Lamplink Dimmers 2457
  • 1 Insteon Dimmer Module (2456)
  • 1 Insteon Ceiling Fan Module
  • 5 Insteon Appliance Link Modules 2456S3
  • 7 flood detectors
  • 7 Insteon Motion Sensors (v1)
  • 3 Insteon Motion Sensors (v2)
  • 3 Insteon Door Sensors (Sensor and Magnet)
  • 3 Insteon Can Light Bulbs
  • 1 Insteon Standard Light Bulb
  • 1 Insteon Outdoor Module
  • 1 Insteon Remote Thermostat (will require the standard wired thermostat)
  • 1 Insteon Morninglinc Door Interface Unit (2458)
  • 3 button naming kits with over 100 EXTRA buttons from other kits that were only partially used
  • 1 Insteon I/O Module (i.e. gate opener kit) which also includes a keypad that can be wired in for easy in and out functionality
  • 1 Insteon Smoke Bridge
  • 5 First Alert Fire Alarms that are compatible with the Smoke Bridge
  • 1 Insteon Siren Module
  • Additional Outlet Covers, screw sets, accessory parts supporting all of the above
All items are WHITE in color, all are in perfect working order.
Message me with any questions. 
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