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Motion Detector II Charger/Power Adaptor


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Hope someone can help with my confusion.

I am looking to replace the battery in the Motion Detector II with grid power.  Smarthome has discontinued their USB charger/power adapter but the specs indicate it was 120volts AC converted to  5volts DC 500ma. 

My questions are these:

1.  Can I use a charger that is rated 5 volts DC but with a higher output amperage.  For example, 1 or 2 amps instead of the 1/2 amp specified.

2.  Since this charger/power adapter is not charging a battery but providing continuous power, is it still ok to purchase what is described as a charger rather than a power adapter

3.  Any suggestions as to what to purchase would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided to clear up my confusion.


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I don't know about the SmartHome charger/adapter but I use a normal mini USB cable with a right angle or adapter and use whatever USB wall adapter I have.  I've never used any "special" USB wall adapter for the MS II and my powered one's have been running without issue.

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