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Our system has always been set up with the ISY (and app for security system) on a separate router (router 1) that is fed by another router (router 2), if that makes sense. I don't know all the lingo. :) Recently we switched internet providers and had to purchase a different router 2.  It was set up so that router  1 for the ISY still plugs into the new router 2. After initial setup of new router 2 and internet provider router 1 to ISY (as well as security app) was down but quickly got that up to speed.  A couple of days ago,  router 1 was down again.  I reset as before and got the security app up but can't reach the ISY through the admin console. The ISY initially had the lights blinking that showed a connection issue.  After resetting router 1 those lights are off and only the power light is on. 

Any suggestions as to what steps to take now?


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