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Turn Lights On When Garage Door Opens


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I have a program alerts me when my garage door goes up or down with a text.  See attached screenshot.  I want to add to the Then clause to turn on the scene for garage ceiling lights.  I just replaced the old conventional 3-way switches with INSTEON 2477S switches.  I have a scene in called Garage Ceiling Lights and both switches are controllers in the scene.  Manually, the scene works fine. I can turn the lights on or off from either switch.   I tried adding the commands to turn on this scene at the end of the Then clause, added a Wait 2 minutes followed by a turn the scene off command.  When I tested it by opening the garage door, the lights came on momentarily but then turned off.  When I looked at the program status, it was not in a wait state.  So I clearly don't have this right.  How can I implement this desired functionality? Thanks! 

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 12.06.29 PM.jpg

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