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2430 ControlLinc Factory reset not working

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After some time, my 2430 ControlLinc no longer controlled the linked devices. So I tried a factory reset.

as per manual:

  • Unplug for 30 seconds
  • Hold Bright button
  • While holding Bright button, plug in ControlLinc, ControlLinc will beep and the status LED will illuminate brightly.

1) it does not beep and

2) the status LED _flashes_  brightly, but never goes to steady ON;  while it flashes, there is a ticking sound, with what looks like the same frequency as the LED flash

Resetting individual buttons does not follow the book either and instead displays the same pattern as a factory reset.

The Admin console seems to be able to list the device links table - though it does take a very long time

Does this means the unit is u/s or is there something I am doing wrong?



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What revision number is on the bottom of the ControLinc? I have an original V1.0 and it does not act exactly like the manual indicates.

Holding the Bright Button and plugging it in. Double Beeps, LED is Bright, Double Beeps again, LED short flash back to Bright,Double beeps, LED dim, release Bright button, double beeps and is reset. A V1.4 acts like the manuals show.

The ControLinc may have  failed as the symptoms you are seeing is not normal.

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