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240v 20-30 Amp Relay


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Is  anyone have any good sites or information on either serial or IP controlled relays/controllers that support 240v 20-30 Amp ratings?  I'm looking for a 8 relay controller.  Yes google finds lots but not that are 240v.  I've found one panel from Lyntec but I don't have a cost yet (waiting for it).  Otherwise I'm looking to see what the options could be.


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Here is a 2 relay board that will handle that current/voltage.


They have TTL level inputs so you can use a CAI webcontrol board (or similar) to turn them on/off.  They also allow for high or low to be the on signal, which is nice for avoiding reverse logic.  I have done this myself and have had it running now for years.  I mounted the relays inside of a J-box and put a divider to separate the CAI board/low voltage from the high voltage stuff.  It works flawlessly.  CAI board never crashes and responds to simple REST commands.  You can also write code for the CAI board itself if you want to automate some process locally.

I didn't see anything bigger than a double board for sale like this.  So you would need 4 of them.  But I didn't look very hard.  Maybe someone has an 8 version of those rated relays.  

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