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Two of three Amcrest cameras won't update settings


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I have three Amcrest Cameras all with their latest firmware installed:

IP4M-1053E with 2.422 (Jul 2018), IP8M-2493E with 2.622 (Oct 2019), and IP3M-941 with 2.62 (Aug 2019).

All of these installed correctly within Polyglot V2 Nodeserver with a total of 7 nodes in the nodeserver which in turn created the three cameras (and the Camera Controller) in the ISY admin console devices. They all appear to reflect the correct values from each camera when queried.

Only the IP4M-1053E with 2.422 within the admin console changes any of the six settings and allows them to persist and be reflected within the camera's own web page (Amcrest Web View plugin for Chrome).  These comprise precisely the settings I want to be able to change in my system's Home/Away modes. Thanks for that.

Both of the other cameras with the new firmware from 2019 will allow me to change a setting but within a second it reverts back to the original.  (Curiously the older firmware won't successfully test an email setup, while the newer ones will.)  

Here are the two lines created in the Nodeserver logs when I try to set the Motion detection to True:

2020-01-04 12:39:30,080 [Controller] [INFO ] Amcrest:AMC041AA_XXXXXX:set_vmd_enable: _set_vmd_enable 1
2020-01-04 12:39:30,719 [Controller] [INFO ] Amcrest:AMC041AA_XXXXXX:set_vmd_enable: is_motion_detector_on: False
This seems like it might be something in the latest firmware that's preventing it from being set.
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This uses the https://github.com/tchellomello/python-amcrest library, but uses an older version. First you could try just installing the latest version and see if it works, but there's a risk that it will break everything. I currently don't have any Amcrest cameras in use but could bring up one and try it unless you or someone else can give it a shot.

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I wouldn't know how to install the latest version you're talking about and don't feel all that great about the risk of breaking everything.  If you're willing to fire up your Amcrest camera and test it out, I would sure be appreciative.  If it works, it would explain why the newer firmware cameras don't respond to the older python-amcrest library while at the same time fixing their unrelated (to your nodeserver) smtp email problem.

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1 minute ago, larryllix said:

Geeezzz Jimbo. Didn't Santa give you extra time in your stocking? :)

I wish!  I would have asked if I knew that was possible...  Currently Kasa nodeserver is taking all free my time, but its almost done (enough) while finishing ELK and Notification nodeservers are on the back burner not to mention enhancements requested on others...  Sometimes this feels like a job not just a hobby :) But it's still fun most of the time.

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@Jimbo I don't know if you ever had a chance to check out @jeffpdavis1 issue with changes to parameters like VMD not actually changing the settings in the camera? I'm seeing the same thing in my Amcrest IP2M-841W. Set position is working but the other commands do not work. The attached log shows connections being dropped and restarted.

I don't see any nodes that could alert me to motion being detected

Also, I know the documentation shows at least 1 dahua NVR working in the camera-poly. I have mine setup as a node and communicating but am unclear how to choose which of the 8 channels the commands refer to.

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I have been unable to use the Camera poly to control my Amcrest camera and Dahua NVR. After much research I found the reasons and I found a workaround.

Amcrest changed the API for disabling/enabling motion detection and several other parameters and won't publish the new spec. see:

Amcrest also changed the authorization method to require Digest authorization and no longer allow basic authorization. ISY networking resources can't support digest authorization. This post shows a php script from @dmorales that works around the problem. It didn't work for me at first so I followed additional directions for installing the apache web server to make sure I had all the necessary libraries. I may not need them all but I added php7.3-curl, curl, mysql, etc. I also tested my URL with postman which supports digest authorization

By using the @dmorales script and sending the REST commands to my Dahua NVR rather than the Amcrest camera I now have broad control over my cameras!

By the way I found a fairly up-to-date Dahua API here :

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