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Wireless window sensors - random ons


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Happy holidays!

With the new year, I've got a new problem. We have Insteon Window sensors - 2843-222 - on ~30 windows. All of a sudden, I'm finding ISY thinks a window has opened. When I click on the physical sensor button, it usually goes back to closed, but then it may go back to open shortly after. I've replaced the batteries in the sensors and rebooted the ISY. Usually after a reboot, current state for all the battery power devices stays blank. Now, ~1 hour later, 5 of my window sensors show as open, when I've made no changes to any windows since then.

Any ideas or suggestions? Could the Insteon modem be going bad? Or the ISY power supply? So far I am not seeing phantom on states for hard wired switches, implying it's a wireless signal issue.

And of course, with the holidays, I have changed things around the house:

  • Added a polisy with ~8 node servers on it - they're frequently talking to the ISY about harmony, hue lights, and more. Could ISY be getting too busy?
  • Added ~10 hue lights in the house. Looks like hue runs at 2.4ghz (same as wifi), but insteon is 902-924mhz. Doesn't sound like overlap, but perhaps they add AC noise?
  • Upgraded ISY to the latest version 5.016B

Any thoughts? Anyone else have a similar issue?

I've spent days before optimizing the placement of the insteon modem and the wireless bridge. They have a custom outlet wired direct to the main panel with about 3 feet of romex on a single line. Hard to beat that! And I have ~10-15 different noise filters around the house, isolating UPS's and other noisy systems. It's a large ~4000 sq ft house, with a main panel and 3 sub-panels as well as solar. I've had signal issues in the past, but optimized the heck out of it, so that it's been 90-95% accurate. Every light switch is insteon'ed with dual band, so just about everything everywhere should be able to talk to each other.

Thank you for any help or suggestions!


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Quick update - still debugging, but have made progress!

  • I removed the hue lights except for the hardwired ones in the ceiling.
  • I turned off the polisy box.
  • After rebooting ISY, the issue was gone.
  • After adding hue back in, I didn't see issues for hours. After adding polisy back in, I saw issues.

The good news is that if this is SW / node server based, it's much easier than a hardware problem. I'm going through and disabling nodeservers in polisy, rebooting the ISY inbetween, and seeing which one(s) might be the cause.

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My first assumption would be that you're seeing the same issues seen by others in related to 5.0.16B.  I don't have any Insteon open/close sensors, so not seeing the issues.  But it seems they've been heavily discussed recently...



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