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Can you send a parameter to Pushover server?

ISY Newbie

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28 minutes ago, ISY Newbie said:

I've written a program that will send a push notification when any of the internal MS are triggered.

Is there any way to pass along a parameter to the Pushover server so that the push notice will include the specific location of the MS triggered?

I think I get something like what you're describing from pushover all the time.  In the API, I see that the "Title" parameter (which is optional) can define the MS name, and the "Message" parameter is the message payload.  In my instance, I use the title "East Garage MS" with a message of "Motion detected" to send me a message.

From the Pushover API:

Pushing Messages

Messages must contain a message parameter that contains the message body and an optional title parameter. If the title is not specified, the application's name will be shown by default. 

Sorry, I don't have sample code.

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