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A Failure To Communicate


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Quite a number of years ago there was a post in a forum where I participate which sees tens of million hits per year.

At that time there was a random post where a vendor asked for help in English translation. Overall the thread took its own life and was extremely insightful as to the inner workings of different cultures and how they communicate.

Many of us can relate to the so called North American slangs that seem to ooze out of younger folks these days such as:

Cool, Rad, Dope, Jelly, etc.

As noted up above that thread morphed into something very positive for many of us who participated or simply sat back and enjoyed.

One major item that came out from this was many of us were asked by various hardware / service providers to offer English translations from more than 30 native tongues.

The off shoot for many of us was receiving insight to new technology still in R&D. Along with receiving (randomly) hardware / services from said vendors.

For me one of the past times was to review marketing, user manuals, break fix, to repair.

I have to say some of the information that crossed my desk at times just had me scratching my head to bursting out in laughter!

It’s been quite a while since one of these have crossed my desk and have to admit I saw no hope for this vendor. I relayed the same to them outlining all of the errors along with WTF are you trying to sell or communicate to the consumer?!?

It was very apparent the person I was dealing with was one of those new age millennials with their baggy pants half way down their leg, ball cap swinged sideways all crunched, and a face full of zits.

It never ceases to amaze me when people come to others for help and in the same breath completely ignore the help provided!

Why did you ever open your mouth for help if you weren’t even going to follow through? It’s not like I came to them for help they came to me because several other vendors referred them to me as offering solid service!

Below is a random advert from one of the companies which gives you some insight as to what comes across my desk:



Keep in mind what you see is literally the 30th draft and these folks insist what you see is Rock solid?!?

There’s a reason I stopped doing this years ago because dealing with imbeciles is just draining.

Show me your best advert and make me feel better knowing I could have helped them!!


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3 hours ago, simplextech said:

It's like the instructions I had for one of my quadcopter kits... "use the long short screw"..... ???


From personal experience these issues are not driven by those in R&D but from those in the marketing department and senior management. Anyone who has ever had to endure those senior management courses where they try to instill into you by saying using these key phrases will empower you and others! :roll:

- Superior, Forward Momentum, Positive Impact, etc.

When asked what the intention and the message they were trying to convey with: Born to your secure and easy life <- The feedback I received with respect to this single line just made me shudder in disbelief. :| They truly believe these words structured the way they are have incredible meaning and will sell their wares. I suppose if your command of the English language is at the level of a 3rd grader - perhaps.

The next line which is: Adopted the fireproof and inflaming retarding PC material  <- Again, I struggled to understand what (is) the context or leading message being conveyed to the consumer??? Having gone back and forth for what seemed like years I had to ask others from three different back grounds. I was really expecting three of these people whom I have known indirectly as being extremely fluent in the English language but just overall smart as hell in their respective fields.

Of the three people who reviewed the original vs the 30th iteration two of them literally told me they didn't see anything wrong besides a few misspellings?!?!? I initially thought they were being playful and just trolling me to see what I would say.

But, soon realized - NO . . .

They were dead serious in that from a cultural stand point many of the things I called out is portrayed in the same manner in their culture??? I could see and have experienced where language A vs B does not directly translate either because there isn't the equivalent or those words fall in a gray area of use / intent. Regardless, the intent of any business which sells their wares to the English speaking majority is to communicate in common tongues at a basic level.



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