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Where is everyone running too?!?


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Some where out there is a high security facility that performs hazardous reclamation. In this facility health and safety is top of mind and paramount to all.


Well, except for the new guy!


Depending upon hardware / equipment very large X-Ray and back scatter technology is employed to confirm and validate said items. This is primarily done to insure other items are not hidden from a surface inspection.


Now . . .


The SOP for handling explosive ordinance is very strict and given no leeway - ever. So new guy some how, some where finds this case and drops it with a massive thud. He continues to drop and stack hundreds of pounds of random metal on said case.


The case is plastic . . .


The S.O. (Safety Officer) at the time is behind what the team calls The Last Mile. This is essentially a large & long conveyor system which house the scanning equipment. Along with six very powerful robotic arms to pick, move, transfer items.


The last mile is manned by four people at all times.


New guy is on the other side of the last mile blast wall. The case is now inside (opposite) of the inner room of the last mile where all four team members reside.


S.O. Turns white and loses all facial colour - he’s Asian! X-Ray tech jumps out of his chair. Back scatter tech starts to scream. Robotics tech is holding said case by one single edge of the case and it breaks open.


S.O immediately hits the lock down, power is cut, blast shield rise, sirens & strobes activate, all four men run leaving new guy locked inside the secure room.




And how was your day?!?



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