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LDS Dimming Module - Who's Using It?


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Saw this in the latest advert from a Canadian vendor and wondered if anyone has tried this on their Insteon / Z-Wave network? I am more curious to know what is inside of this device maybe besides some capacitors, resistors, etc. It kind of struck me strange that the vendor indicates you *May have to try one or the other* yellow vs blue units?!?!

If that isn't a WTF I don't know what is . . .

No where does it specify the difference between the yellow vs black.

The product consumes 1.8 watts all the time so if you have ten of them around the house that's 18 watts of vampire draw. Maybe this is a good product for people who don't want to buy the right LED bulbs are the technology they have in use doesn't care what kind of LED bulb you have in place and always flickers / doesn't turn off?!? Given the price of LED technology has dropped to ultra new levels in just the last three years.

I'm hard pressed to justify $21.99 per unit just to correct a flicker issue where the same money could purchase a 2~4 pack of X / Y brand of LED bulb that smoothly transitions from (approx) 100 -> 2%  



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I have see posts indicating they did work for the posters issues.
Not enough information but I think it is a big load resistor.  Like some of us in the past had said add one incandescent bulb load to calm things down.

Hi Brian,

Always appreciate your insight and feedback. If you were to take a guess what do you suppose is the difference between the yellow vs blue units?

A higher value resistor opposed to a lower one?

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Their web site and downloadable files. Don't have any data on the differences.

Install manual says 1.8W for either version. So it does generate some heat. They give a wattage rating of a dimmers load if the device is in the electrical box behind the dimmer switch.  Has internal fuses that can open if the module failed.

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16 hours ago, Teken said:

I'm just so curious to see what's inside might consider sending off an email to the maker.

 With the stated 1.8W and units indicating 1.8 VA there should only be an 8K resistor inside but those electrical approvals cost money ya' know.

Ohhhhh..and if I can read the shape through the heat shrink package...a thermal cut-out to get that electrical approval.


The yellow unit is to be connected in parallel and the blue unit is NOT to be connected in series. :) They appear to have different patents pending though...but the same model numbers. :) 

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