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MobiLinc X v1.20 with Custom Room Photo Support AVAILABLE NOW!


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Hi Folks,

I'm excited to announce the 1.20 update for MobiLinc X for iOS and Android:

With the new update MobiLinc X adds the following features for iOS and Android:

  • Set your own room photos! Tap the edit button in a room and set a photo or take a new one from your camera. [MobiLinc X Subscribers and Direct IP]
  • Custom photos are synced to all your iOS and Android devices on your account for MobiLinc X subscribers.
  • Give your accounts a custom name under Settings->Current Account. Tap the "Three dots" on the account card to set a name for your account.

See this video walk-through of how simple it is with MobiLinc X set your own room photos.

Let me know what you think!

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Wes, this is indeed a nice update and I already changed some room pictures. As I mentioned to you before, as long as X does not have the same dashboard as Pro (with % showing lights ON in a group/scene) I continue to use Pro.

As nice as X is, right now Pro is more practical.

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