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Networking Resource commands to Program or Variable


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I did a search, but cannot seem to find how to translate the response from a Network Resource to a variable or use this directly as part of a program.  

I am attempting to ensure my Keypadlincs are synced to my Yamaha receiver status.  I use either the Keypadlinc or the Yamaha app to change inputs and turn on/off the receiver zone 2.  What I would like to do is turn the status of the Keypadlinc on or off accordingly.  I figure I can update the status every 10 minutes or so.  This would be fine for me.  

All the Resources outputs for input, on, off, and others work well now.  I can also see the status of the input by issuing a @ZONE2:INP=?.  This returns "@ZONE2:INP=PANDORA" for instance.  What I am not sure is how to use this.  My thought is to create a Program Variable and trigger a Program based off of that.  I cannot see how to create a Program or similar function that would trigger the Networking Resource and translate the response into a variable.  I am not sure if it can be done inside the Networking Resource or if there is a function that I am missing in Programs.

Any assistance is appreciated.



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Network resources are one-way -- they can only send an outbound message, there is absolutely no way to do anything with a response.

You'll need something outboard that can send the request, read the response, and update the ISY with that information.  There's a bunch of ways to do this, although these days it seems like the only answer is to write a node server for polyglot...  Perhaps there's something already out there that will work, or perhaps you're completely comfortable writing something an outboard system (like a raspberry pi or such) to do this.

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Thank you mwester.

That is too bad.  It is also a little surprising.  I do get eh expected response in a dialog box when I issue the status Resource, I guess ISY is just not programmed to do anything with this except pop that dialog box.  Oh well.  

I will probably just issue a "cleanup" once in a while.  I already have the receiver turn off via Resources when I hit my "Leaving" or "Good Night" buttons on Keypadlincs.  I will just ensure that all buttons ties to power or input functions for that zone are turned off at that time.  

I would look at making a nodeserver, but for this purpose that would be overkill.  

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There's a lot of cases where full-featured nodeservers are overkill... and it seems we've all sort of forgotten that it's dead simple to set a variable in the ISY via a simple REST API call.  So you can also consider a process on a Raspberry Pi or some other always-on device that requests the status from the device and updates a variable in the ISY with the results.  If that's something you're interested in doing, I can post an example REST call.

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