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AAAA Battery - Never Thought I’d See One


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I was at Best Buy today to just roam around to see what they had in terms of HA. The usual suspects were represented and a few I’ve never heard of. As I was leaving the store they had two very large battery displays.


I was quite struck as to how many specialty batteries were on hand. Probably more than eight - ten years ago there was a on going blog about how AAAA batteries would take over the market.


Well, eight - ten years later I have yet to lay eyes on a single consumer electronic device which use a AAAA battery cell.


Anyone rockin these batteries in their electronics and if so what is it?!?









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I had a true "pen light" that took AAAA cells.    Never found replacement batteries anywhere but Grainger, was cheaper to just tear down alkaline 9V to get six bare cells, soldered together:

LXFcBSJaeOZc66V5LeD8dKEa3ZLHaiRYnUdKIbMF(not my picture)

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As an aside, I have always tested 9V batteries by shocking my tongue. Only a good 9v will give you a strong bite. Years back I picked one in a dental office and tried it. I thought it would snap my tongue down the back of my throat. OUCH!

Turns out, some dental appliances (tooth nerve tester) use a 27 volt battery that is an identical size, and terminal post style, to 9v batteries.

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