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Push Cloud NS Config Help


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I'm trying to setup the Push cloud NS, but having trouble spec'ing the configuration values. I get that I need a user key (have this - been using with NR's), and App key, but reading the Config help on Github the instructions are not clear on where/how to specify the user, app and link both to the ISY Node key (ID appearing in NS and Device list). I've tried various things without success and have searched for hints, but none found.


The PushNtfy Node does appear in the Admin Device list under Push, and thought that the Value should be the PushOver App ID, but this doesn't work. Also not sure if what I did is valid to specify the User ID either. I think I have the wrong idea about how to use this NS.

Thanks in advance for any help on this. 

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Thanks for both your replies. I think I see how to configure the pushover NS from your post @markv58 which shows how the NS wants to see the API/App key and User ID identified. The link you provided @Teken to Bumbershoot’s post spells out exactly what config parameters are required.

What confused me is now I have multiple PushOver Apps setup, whereas the NS uses just a single App/API key with multiple, definable keys (messages) locally in the ISY. All makes sense now since this allows a Program to specify the message dynamically.

Thanks again for your help. This Forum rocks - great helpful people here. If I get this to work, I’ll try to come back and post a How-To for other’s trying to use the Push NS.

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