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HomeKit support redux


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Nothing has changed


As Next INpact noticed, if you want to release a HomeKit-compatible accessory, you still have to work with Apple to get a certification. And of course, manufacturers that work with Apple directly could potentially access unreleased features before they’re unveiled at WWDC."

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@giesen and @ravedog,
@InsteonNut and I agreed to see what it would take to make HK available on Polisy a while back. There are still very many hurdles (on Apple side) that we have to overcome. I cannot guarantee anything except that we'll try.
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My point was that nothing has really changed with regards to Apple licensing for HomeKit for commercial offerings. They have open-sourced the SDK for hobbyists, but commercial products still have to go through the Apple certification process, which I think we previously agreed was cost-prohibitive for a lower-volume product like the ISY.

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