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HI Jimbo,

I think I may have found an Issue with the NLS.  My python is not great but I tried making the changes and installing locally on the Polisy.   

I was able to clone the fork   to (cd ~polyglot/nodeservers ) but I am stuck here. I did (pip3 install -r requirements.txt --user) in the new directory also. The node server shows in the Polisy but the Config Help and Custom Config Params are missing.   If you know what I did wrong here that would be great.


Anyway, being that I could not get it to run maybe you would know better.  I think a couple of characters need to be changed from ":" to "="  so the information if displayed by the ISY socket correctly. I made the changes to a fork of the project if you want to take a look.



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Hey Javi,

It's best to just install the nodeserver normally, then do you git clone somewhere outside the nodeservers area, then remove the installed directory and make it a link to your area.  Then add the nodeserver to a slot in the Polyglot UI.

Also, don't run pip manually, always just run the install.sh since that takes care of anything that is required.

But, what you did should be ok, but if the nodeserver was never succesfully started then you won't see any of the config params.

For your change, just send me a pull request and I'll merge it.

- Jim

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