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ISY reading rain data from WeatherPoly but not interpreting data in programs correctly


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I got a Polisy and set it up to obtain data from my Davis Vantage Pro2 via CumulusMx. The data appear in the ISY correctly. In the WeatherPoly in the ISY main tab, precipitation shows as 0 inches for the past day and for today. Yep, we're having a drought in NorCal. 

I have a program that looks for the amount of rain today or yesterday and kicks off another set of programs. If it's rained >0.2 inches, I don't want the irrigation to turn on; and if it hasn't rained, I want the irrigation to come on. I have different valves that turn on depending on whether it's rained a certain amount over different stretches of time.

The system however reads that any amount of rain below 0.5" as having rained. See the program in the screenshot enclosed. So with a cutoff set anywhere <0.5" of rain (screenshot shows 0.3"), the ISY interprets incorrectly that 0" of rain has having rained. If I raise the cutoff to 0.5" or above, the ISY interprets correctly with 0" of rain that it has indeed not rained. At some point I may create a variable that adds up cumulative rain amounts for these time intervals, but for now, the program shown is what I'm working with.

These small quantities of rain are a lot in California, so I don't want to set too high of a threshold for rain. I had this same program set up with the Climate module and had no issues for many years. It seems to be less of an issue with Polyglot and more with how ISY is interpreting Polyglot data. 

Thanks in advance, @bpwwer and @Michel Kohanim.



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