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Bored at home!!!


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Now that was funny.       Yeah, I am as surprised at that comment as you are! 

EDIT: How is it that the content on their channel has so few views or likes. They are really funny - at least, I imagine, to older straight, white, suburbanite couples with kids.

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5 hours ago, Mustang65 said:

Is that contraption she is using Zwave or Insteon. Can it be controlled with Alexia? Is the speed control via a dimmer wall switch? 

Just wondering

No not with Alexia but maybe with Google Hummus


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3 minutes ago, Mustang65 said:

Bored at home. Wow, wife is on my case for sitting to long in front of the laptop. This "Stay at Home" thing is getting to us... wait, we are retired, and at home everyday so, this happens everyday anyway. Never mind

Yeah, but the continuous sitting is not good for...well you know all about that.

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8 minutes ago, dbwarner5 said:

OMG.. If you didnt spend the time to watch this, you should.. its hilarious.. Oh Kay?

I didn't notice all the band-aids on her fingers the first time around! :)  I am sure many thought it was serious and didn't watch it.

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1 hour ago, apostolakisl said:

@dbwarner5 That video would be funny if it were actually an exaggeration.  For the last month I have been threatening to open a grocery store in a corner of my office so I could keep doing all the other stuff I normally do in the other 90% of it.  The Walmart approach to staying in business.

Sad indeed

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