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Weird Erroneous Links

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I discovered a switch that was turning off (call it switch A) in response to turning another switch on (call it switch B).  I tried a factory reset on switch B, and the behavior stopped.  When I restored it, the behavior came back.  Similarly, when I factory reset switch A, behavior stopped, but restoring it returned behavior.   Switch A does not turn off when I use other switches that are controllers in the same scene as switch B.  So, A is not responding to the scene that B controls, it is responding to switch B itself.  Except that can't be, since factory resetting switch B eliminates the problem.  Which makes you think it is the scene that B controls, but like I said, the other switches that control that scene don't cause the problem.  ???

I was only able to resolve the problem by deleting switch A from ISY and reprogramming it from scratch.  I reprogrammed it with the exact same set of scenes.  Prior to deleting switch A, I deleted and reprogrammed switch B, but that did not fix the problem.

I don't get it.  How do these weird links happen?  I have seen this before where a random light somewhere in the house starts responding to some other switch and I always have to delete and start from scratch.  It is hard to figure these things out often if the switch is responding to something off in another part of the house where you don't see the behavior at the time of the paddle press.

And these bogus links are, I assume an ISY problem.  Otherwise, a factory reset and reprogram from ISY would fix it.  Only if the bad link is in ISY would the problem still be there.

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