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I know there are many different 3rd party applications to control my devices through the ISY (FYI I am an iOS user).  Historically I have been a Mobilinc Pro user and I know there is a new version called Mobilinc X I believe.  But none really meet my needs as I have moved to z-wave and node servers.  These 3rd party apps don't work well with the many sub-nodes not appearing, etc in the apps and I suspect it will only get worse.  I think I would be better served with a web page(s) on my server configured/set up with the devices I most use and want to control with a tile like layout.  I could then link these tiles/devices to the appropriate nodes/sub nodes.  I know there is the ISY AJAX interface which works well when you need access to everything, I am looking more at a tile/dashboard layout that I can link back to the appropriate nodes/sub-nodes even if the initial set up takes a bit of time, and just for my most used devices/sub-nodes.  I didn't want to reinvent the wheel if there are web pages/html all ready developed I could use as a starting point.  Is there anything folks know of that I could put on my webserver?

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@jwagner010 I share your frustration and desire for a better user interface, as noted by the thread I started (link shared by @markv58). I hope to see him release something in the near future. I've used Orchestrated Mobilinc for several years, but as you note, it has not kept up with the more recent developments such as nodeservers. I, too, tried MobilincX but found it much less workable than earlier Mobilinc products, for my needs (sadly). I believe that developer is primarily an Insteon user (like most original ISY users) and it does not seem either z-wave or nodeservers are his primary focus, which are understandable given the need to serve the original ISY user base.

UDI has been adamant in their refusal to launch and maintain their own user interface for mobile products, which in my opinion has severely limited their adoption in the consumer market (a few vocal fanboys here disagree with that, as they think it's a criticism of UDI, which is considered a mortal sin under their code). However, given the fickleness of the consumer market, I can't say that UDI has made a bad decision. It's ridiculously hard to please a majority of people, much less "everyone", as each user's needs are different. UDI has simply - probably wisely - decided to focus on "back-end" functionality instead of UI, and there isn't a large enough user market to attract a plethora of third party UI developers, which leaves us where we are. If I had the time to prioritize learning to code I'd solve this myself for myself, but I'm far from that. And, my efforts with starting that well-intentioned thread left me so frustrated with the tiny but vocal group of forum fanboys that I've just given up the effort, with a willingness to spend a few dollars on promising new products if and when they are released, as that's the only thing I can offer.

The ISY is a fantastic automation controller that is simply rock solid in terms of reliability. But darned if it's not a challenge in terms of having a simple, useful mobile user interface, and the fanboys shout down all efforts at attempted improvement. So, here's to hoping someone comes up with something new to try. Until then, I empathize with you, and hope someone has the perseverance to create another option. UI is the biggest shortcoming of the ISY, but that's been the case for a very long time.

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Thanks Appreciate the steer to the other post, that was an interesting and in-depth debate on this issue we all see and feel everyday.  Having been a long time ISY user and fan, I feel we have been talking about this for many years, and there is always something 'coming  soon' to solve it.  Given I have just completed a gut renovation with a completely new z-wave (95%) , Insteon (5%) and ISY/POLISY I figured I would look to solve it for me.  After reading the thread you started, it has changed my thinking a little so was useful.  For me, the path I have now chosen is as follows: 

  1. Ditch Mobilinc Pro, it just simply doesn't work with my z-wave set up and various sub nodes.  Given I bought it years ago, I will still keep it running on my phone but for its geofence functionality only which I use to update state variables.
  2. Use the UDI Ajax portal (bookmarked on my iPhone home screen), not the best but works for when I need it, and supports all my z-wave nodes for most part. So its adequate for me, others in the house not so much.
  3. Wait and see where things evolve with HousePanel.  Once it moves to something I can install on the POLISY through the Nodeserver store (if that ever happens) then I will jump into that as it does seem like something I can configure for my needs and shows some real promise.

Given the 1000 other things I have around the house with the new renovation wrapped up (its never actually complete) and the activity on this topic, I will sit tight for another year and wait !!!

Take Care

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3 minutes ago, jwagner010 said:

Wait and see where things evolve with HousePanel.  Once it moves to something I can install on the POLISY through the Nodeserver store (if that ever happens) then I will jump into that as it does seem like something I can configure for my needs and shows some real promise.

That is my objective and hope as well.....

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