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Light through yonder window


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Idea/brainstorm starter.

I live in a place where there can be significant direct radiant heat felt in the afternoon, due to single-pane glass. (Building on National Historic Register and California Mills Act property tax abatement, and apparently "wavy glass" is REALLY important to maintaining historic character...)

So, I tend to adjust temperature down in the afternoon on very sunny days. And of course dependent on season.

I dunno if this would be best done as a separate Node Server, or part of a Weather server.

But what I have in mind is use light % data from some weather service, along with sun position and size and orientation of windows, perhaps even shading and terrain (I have some sun blockage at certain angles/times of year from downtown buildings) to calculate a variable setback. Perhaps use room occupancy as well.

I know some people who can help with the calculations. I spent a couple of years writing apps for field collection of energy efficiency surveys for homes and commercial buildings, and I know such calculations are done in the "back end" processing. The data was sent to two of the US DOE national labs for processing (different for home and commercial) I know on commercial they do a full year weather simulation. So, I think I can ask some questions and get some practical formula.

Maybe train an AI model, that would be fun to run the model on polyglot!

Are there other uses? What if your ISY could have variables that represent the estimated real-time sunlight at each of your windows? What would you do with it?

OTOH, maybe just a light sensor...

Maybe there is already an online API for this which could be leveraged?

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Don't forget to consider thermal mass in your calculations. But seriously, just put a motorized, internal shade over the window and use an external luminance sensor to control the shade. 

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I have an Ambient Weather WS-1002 weather station that measures solar radiation.  I use that data through the AmbientWeather node server to control the lights in the greenhouse.  I also have that data from my Enphase solar system but there's not a nodeserver for that yet (hint, hint)?

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