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Devices/Scenes Not responding


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Alexa will either silently fail with no error message or will say "not responding"

My ISY99 and Amazon Alexa have been working for 5 years and all of a sudden, voice activated commands via Alexa result in "Cabinet Lights are not responding" and Programs on the ISY do not result in ON or OFF as they correctly did before. and this happens for ALL devices/scenes.

I removed the devices on alexa.amazon.com under Smart Home.  Then clicked Discover again. Test by using the spoken phrase.   but still get error "...not responding"

I removed the device from https://my.isy.io/index.htm and re-added it back, then ran Discover on the Alexa.amazon.com... it showed that it was added back but voice commands result in same error.


THEN:  I've restarted the Wifi Router, ISY and PLM.  Then when using voice command with Alexa/Echo, it sounds the chime that indicates the command was sent but no lights turn on.

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After flushing the devices in the Alexa app, after the discovery, did the devices reappear? If so, this means skill linking is ok. If not, please disable the skill and reenable it.

Are you able to control devices from portal, ISY Web access? If so, that proves the connectivity between the ISY and portal is good.

If you still have a problem, please open a ticket with your uuid referencing this thread, I will check the logs.


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