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EZIO8SA - Getting Started


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I bought an EZIO8SA about 7 years ago, and am just now getting to the project I bought it for, which is to add functionality to my home's existing built-in wired system. I can program that system as well, but it's non-standard and so my only input/output possibilities are contact closure input/output (both ways).

I got the EZIO plugged in and added to ISY. Looks like I have 4 inputs and 8 outputs (there are 7 inputs total, but one of those is dedicated for 1-wire thermostats and two of those are analog which I've read should be connected to ground to avoid too much Insteon traffic).

Is the rest straightforward? I see there's an SHN Utility, but I'd need some way to connect some PLC type device to my laptop. Do I need the SHN Utility - what does it do? 

Any other gotchas for me to watch out for? I may need even more contact closure input/outputs - what's my best alternative for new hardware? I also have a few IOLincs that have been working fine.

Thanks in advance for any pointers, war stories, advice, etc.


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The SHN Utility needs an Insteon  PLC  (2414U,2814U or 2414S) ,PLM (2412S,2412U,2413S,2413U) or one of their Gateways to talk to their modules.

Depending on the model of the module. It can read and write information to their module. I looked at  the screen for the EZIO8SA. Things like setting locally the relay output times, turn on end off the analog inputs, debounce inputs. Turn On and Off the 1wire inputs. Read what the settings are. Set all options back to factory settings. Do a module test where it cycles the systems through the inputs and outputs.

I don't know if you will need it. I don't use mine so I don't know how much the ISY994i can set and control.

The revision 2.0 utility they are linked to. Does not need an interface to run it. The slightly newer 2.02b  needed the interface to see the options. If you just want to see what options are available. For each of their modules. You can run it and see the options. With no PLC or PLM connected.

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I got the "kit," which comes with a PLM like thing (EZICOMM #501OK), but I don't know how that works for connecting it to the computer. There's an ethernet cable that goes from the EZICOMM to the EZIO8SA. I recently added a Range Extender, and when I did the 4-button tap on the ISY's PLM the LEDs on both the range extender and the EZIO's PLM were blinking (which means both are on the other leg of the ISY's PLM). 

I probably don't have 2.02b. My EZIO8SA says "V2 #3011A" on it. Like I said bought in late 2013.

I can run SHN Utility on my PC, but since it's not connected to anything it can't see the EZIO8SA. I probably need something to connect via USB to the laptop, but I have no idea what that "something" might be. 



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The EZICOMM is a serial PLM with their daughter board. Depending on its age. It could be the older power line only 2412 main board or the Dual Band 2413 main board. Your tests seem to indicate it is one of the Dual Band ones.

The Ethernet style cable between the EZIO8SA and your EZICOMM  is a serial protocol signal. I ran mine on a 2412S PLM.

The SHN Utility needs an Insteon  PLC  (2414U,2814U or 2414S) ,PLM (2412S,2412U,2413S,2413U) or one of their Gateways to talk to their modules. 

If you wanted USB. The 2413U, 2412U PLM or their EZICOMM USB version would be the easiest. When connected it would be given a COMM port address  you could use in the utility.

A USB to Serial Port Adapter with a 2412S or 2413S PLM with its serial cable from the box. Should also work.

I don't think you need to run the utility unless you wanted to see its setting or change something that can't be done in the ISY Administrative Console.

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Smartenit builds some of their modules on the 2412 base board.

They may have an excess inventory. On EBay they have the 2412U USB version for $29.99. If you want to go with an interface. That would be one way to go.

The 2412S serial and 2412 bare units where also listed.

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Not sure I'm following all this:

To run the utility, I need to get a piece of hardware so my PC can get onto the Insteon "network." The would be something like a USB to serial port (RS-232 I assume) and then a 2412S or 2413S. Do I need to put the EZIO8SA's PLM into "set" mode?


Separately, in working out what I need, it's looking like I'm going to need around a dozen relays and sensing units.  Maybe more on the sensing side. Should I buy additional EZIO8SA's or is there something better now? 4-8 IOLinc's run more money per sense/relay than a single EXIO8SA and I've read having lots of IOLincs together isn't good. So, what should I buy to expand the number of ISY sensing/relay nodes?

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A USB to serial port adapter should work with a 2412S or 2413S. The adapter will be given a Com Port number. You put that number into the Connect To Interface Device screen. Com Port Box and pick  Use PLM. Then hit the connect choice. I believe it then says disconnect. Then in the EZIOxx Tab. Pick the EZIO8SA type. It will say not connected. Then put the six digit Insteon ID on the back of the PLM connected to the EZIO8SA. In the Insteon ID (?) box. It should then say Connected and you can use all the functions available for that device. When done. Go to the  Connect To Interface Tab and hit disconnect.

You can also use a 2412U or 2413U and no external adapter need. As they have a ftdi chip in them. So you just have to have the driver in the computer. It would be assigned a COM Port number

NO do not try and put the EZIO8SA's PLM into the linking mode.

I have no idea if the  2448A7 would work.  It may or may not. I found the 2448A7 Developers Notes we got in the now defunct Developers Group. It indicates it emulates a 2414U PLC and not a PLM. Yet the presently being sold ones say PLM and the specification look like a PLM'. The notes where not always correct or the early ones where in the 2414U age.

I don't know of any other devices with multiple I/O. I believe others here have used (IoT) Internet of things to use other devices. I have no data on such connections or devices.

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