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I bought a few used Insteon switches and the device address labels are missing. Anyway to find those devices address or add those devices to the ISY without the address.

There are two methods to learn the Insteon ID:

- Press the two coloured whirling arrows which will prompt you to select the set / program button on the module.

- Manually Link the new device to an existing hardware in place. Once linked review what new link records are in place. If you go down this path ensure you delete the association upon learning the Insteon ID.

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I had to do that with a ControlLinc and a few others. That were sold by Smarthome as an X10 replacement. These where still able to accept an X10 address. They didn't reprogram them just removed the Insteon Label and put on a new Smarthome part number label.

I used the Start Linking method for the X10 labeled modules. Except for the ControLinc that seems to not want to do a Start Linking method add to system. That one had to be manually added to an existing module and then look at the added address in that modules Link Database.

You probably will do it anyway. Factory reset each one before you try and use them in your system. No need for links still in them messing things up.

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