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Custom Names in Launcher/ISY Finder


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So I have a handful of ISYs that I manage and at some point I was able to make it so that the name that displays in the ISY launcher was a custom name. At this point I don't know if I figured out how to do that or if it was some happy accident. So I have 1 of several ISYs in my ISY finder that is easily identifiable. The rest I have to refer to the portal to find the UUID as a cross-reference. 

Does anyone know how I managed to change that one and or how to change it for others? I have tried changing the name of the top folder in the admin console from ISY to my desired name. I've made sure that in the UDI portal they have an alias and not just "ISY". I don't see a location in the admin console config page for such a field. I must be missing something.


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2 hours ago, gzahar said:

I think you rename the 'ISY' node in the network tree: (right click on it)


I did that and it didn't change but you confirming that I did the right thing somehow lead me to realizing that I needed to remove that ISY from the launcher list and then re-add it for the changes to be seen.


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