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Programs are not working reliably.


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For no apparent reason my ISY programs have become VERY unreliable. These programs have worked flawlessly for the past four or five years probably longer. Now it appears some of the programs will execute completely one time but then won't work at all or will only work partially at other times. The strange part about all this is that I haven't made ANY changes and/or additions to the actual ISY or the modules. Can someone please help?


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You do have mismatched firmware and UI versions according to your screenshot, to fix that follow the instructions here: 

That probably doesn't account for the problem you describe however.

As for what's wrong with your programs being intermittent I would have to wonder first if you've introduced a noise maker or signal sucker.  Meaning the ISY is working just fine like it always has, but the signals aren't getting from the PLM to the device.   I think this because if you say they used to work, it's the most logical reason they would become intermittent.   Have you changed where they PLM is plugged in?   Any new not necessarily home automation related devices.  my wife once bought an air ionizer at a thrift store.... that thing made so much powerline noise that nothing worked at all when it was plugged in.   We also used to have a deep fryer that when plugged in would kill Insteaon signals. 

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A few other things you can check to try to troubleshoot:

Make sure PLM is not failing. Do a reset on PLM; Check links table against ISY links. The power supply is notorious for failing. Also the RF in the PLM (and all other Insteon devices) fails earlier than the switch or actual function of the device due to the poor quality capacitors used in manufacturing. Programs that rely on device Status will be more prominent failures if the PLM is starting to fail.

Check the ISY power supply. While the ISY is usually always reliable, its power supply isn't.

Consider replacing the SD card. My long decent into ISY Hell started with a failing SD card. Biggest symptom is long Admin Console load times, long backup times, failed firmware updates, etc.

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