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Need help setting up node server


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I did have my Harmony Hub working but it stopped a few weeks ago. I thought I set it up on https://polyglot.isy.io but it is not listed there and its not listed in the store.

So I decided to just run a local polyglot server. I'm running it in a VM of Ubuntu 20.04. I cannot get it to start up automatically at boot but that's a different issue I will work on later.

I'm trying to follow the installation instructions on https://github.com/jimboca/udi-harmony-poly/blob/master/README.md

I get to step 5 but on step 6 I do not see an auto discover anywhere in the ISY node server listing for the Harmony Hub. It says to select the HarmonyController node and click the 'Discover'.

I click on Node Servers, HarmonyHub, Add Node, [NLS-10:ND-HarmonyController-NAME]

There is no Discover option. Only Name, Node Address, and Primary Node Address. OK and Cancel.

Other option is to add all nodes.


Can anyone help me get my Harmony Hub working or point me to a better guide?



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Yes, this nodeserver can not run on the cloud, only local.

You should see a node in your list called "HarmonyController", not in the Node Servers menu.  If you don't then got to the polyglot web page and do a "Download Log Package" for this nodeserver under the logs page and send that to me in a DM.


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