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controlling a Fujitsu Halcyon minisplit AC/heater

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Looking to see if anyone has integrated a Fujitsu Halcyon mini-splt AC/heater unit into the ISY environment?

Previously I have used Intesis software app to connect via wifi to a  Fujitsu FJ-IR-WIFI-1NA Wi-Fi adapter (image uploaded), which seems to have died on me. Before buying a new one I thought I would check in here and see if the ISY environment offers an alternative solution. If not, can we connect to the Fujitsu wifi adapter.

thank you in advance for your comments,


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Not wishing to hijack this thread, but I have the same question re: Daikin minisplits, which I would like to connect to my ISYs. I seem to recall reading somewhere that most minisplit manufacturers used the same wifi interface device that they just tweak a bit for their own needs (I may be wrong, and remember no specifics). But if so, I wondered if perhaps a "generic"/ user-customizable nodeserver for minisplits might be created by someone, who could then sell it to users. Just a thought...


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