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ISY - Polisy - LIFX - Scenes - LIFX Bulb Not Working in One of Two Scenes


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I have two (2) scenes (Office and Family Room Light) both of which have one (1) LIFX Color Bulb and one (1) Insteon Bulb.  The Office scene works with both the Insteon bulb and LIFX bulb coming on via MobiLinc and Alexa.  The other scene Family Room Light  scene is just a single bulb light with a LIFX Color Bulb in it.

1. The Office scene controls a two bulb lamp, one LIFX Color Bulb and the other a Insteon bulb works just fine.

2. The Family Room light scene controls a one bulb lamp with LIFX Color Bulb and another Insteon bulb.

3. The Office scene works great, the Family Room Light scene turns on the Insteon Light, BUT NOT the LIFX.

4. Any suggestions as to how to fix this.


UPDATE 1 =========================

I deleted the scene Family Room Light and recreated it, but the issue remains.

UPDATE 2 =========================

Restarting Polisy fixed this issue.



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