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Simple Home Controller (SHC) - Update 37


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New update 37 has been released.

1. Removed root ISY object. This allowed changing the entire list of devices at once, which is potentially dangerous. Please define your own device groups instead. If you were actually using this function and want it back, let me know.
2. Added support for A LOT of sensors. Many sensors I do not own for testing, so this is a bit experimental. Let me know if any sensors are not showing as expected. Note that most sensors show no state at all when not activated while a few may show as "off". Note that the app only updates the state of sensors when you click "LOAD" or "REFRESH" in the app. That's the "simple" part of Simple Home Controller - no background routines running and draining your battery.

Note that some sensors have A LOT of sensors built in. My motion sensor reports 11 separate sensors, for example. I suggest using folders for each sensor that has multiple sensors to avoid cluttering the interface.

Next release:

I will be adding support for battery %

Some time in the future:

I will be adding support for energy use and other longer sensor states. This will require a redesign of the interface, so might be a while.


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