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Insteon RS232 modem

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I need to use the Insteon RS232 (yes i'm aware the modem get out of use often) in order to receive data from a device and to use this data on the ISY.

The  device use RS232 115200 BR and cant be change and the modem use 19200 BR.

There is option to change the BR on the modem?

Any suggestion ? other modem ? BR converter ? another way to communicate between the device and the ISY?

Thanks in advance.


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You want to connect a device to an Insteon modem so that the device can communicate with the ISY over the powerline?  Is your device programmable because it will need to format commands to the Insteon modem as well as interpret commands that come back to it via the Insteon modem.  If your device isn't capable of formatting and interpreting commands to/from the Insteon modem, then you're going to need something in between to do that.  And if you need something in between, it will need to have two RS232 ports, one for the device that works at 115200 and one for the Insteon modem that works at 19200.  You could create such a device using a Raspberry Pi.  You'd have to program it though.

To recommend other ways to communicate between the device and the ISY, we'd really need to understand what the device is.

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You are using a 2413S PLM and not the old 2410S SeralLinc module?

You can not modify the serial port parameters. Hard coded in the firmware.

Here is the Developers Guide for a PLM. Showing things like message content and proper protocol.  Needed for the PLM communications and  to work  properly.

The device you want to talk to the ISY994i also has to have a six digit Insteon ID. If you want to use a PLM.


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