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Percent "On" not reflected in app


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Hi, I installed an UltraPro ZW3010 dimmer switch to my system.  The % "on" bar is not reflecting the actual percent.  On the Things screen, in the examples attached, "Office Downstairs ZW 009" says 51%, but the bar is at about 30 %.  When I do a full "on" the bar is at about 30%.  However, when I look at the individual switch in the second figure, the "On" bar is at about 1/2 the length.  Can this be fixed?


Also, I had a prior Insteon switch called "Office Downstairs", and removed it from my ISY.  Nevertheless, I can't seem to remove it from the Agave.  Is there any way to do this without Refreshing Data - I would prefer not to wipe everything.




Device Screen.jpg

Things Screen.jpg

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Refresh Data would be your way to accomplish the device removal.  It should leave everything else where it is.  The only other way to do it is it have the app connected and running while you remove the device from the ISY so it can get the signal.  

Please send me a node dump of the zwave device so that I can see what the issue is.  https://www.agaveha.com/docs/node-dump/


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12 hours ago, mfbrin said:

Hi Sorka,

The number is now correct, but the slider is not in the correct position.  Even though I am at 69%, the slider is at about 30%.  It is not a "problem" but something that the developer might want to fix.

Thanks for inquiring!


Did you ever send the node dump?  I don't recall receiving it.  

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