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Elk Notifications via ISY Program?


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I understand that the ISY, as of yet, communicates only in one direction with the Elk M1. I'm very happy that UD is working on this, it really shows the dedication to making the ISY better and better!


In the meantime, however, to get around the Elk's lack of a solid notification feature (which I can't get to function properly), I was thinking that I'd have the ISY send me a text message when certain devices are triggered in a certain fashion.


For instance, creating a rule within the Elk to set a device or scene whenever an alarm is activated. Then, using the ISY to notify me when those particular devices/scenes are set in that fashion.


I'm going to tool around with this over the next day or two. In the meantime, anyone have any ideas???

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I personally use the Elk, but don't use notifications in the way you suggest - but I don't see why it wouldn't work.


I am curious what problem you are having with Elk notifications, however - they do work fine for me.


I use the following notifications on my system:


- Elk sends a notification when alarm is triggered.

- ISY sends a notification if certain events occur when system is in "Vacation" mode (triggered by a KPL button). Like garage door opening, etc.

- ISY sends a notification if thermostats go above or drop below certain temperatures.

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