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ApplianceLinc Dead. Any way to repair


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Yes. I have seen two major 2456S ApplianceLinc modules.

The V1.? and the V4.?.

Both have a surface mounted  30 Volt Zener diode that can short.. I have had a failure in a 4.A myself. It was shorted and killed the unit. The diode is known to also fail in the 2456D LmpLinc. Dead with no LED on the side may indicate it is a shorted 30V Zener diode. I have also seen some reports they can fall off the board as they do show discoloration on the board where thay are mounted.

I have also rebuilt some V1.? ones with a new 470uF/35V main capacitor. NOVER  was the brand of the original cap..  One actually pulsed on and off at about a 30 cycle rate.

I may find you more information on which version if you know it. Like a better description of location of parts. Depending on V1.? or V4.?

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