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does the Honeywell TH9320WF thermostat work with this Node?


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I'm trying to set up the TH9320WF thermostat with the Honeywell Nodeserver.

I was able to set up the thermostat with my Honeywell Home app (after importing it from the TCC app).

When I'm setting it up through the Honeywell developer's site, I log in with my credentials, it sees my thermostat listed but connot connect.  Instead it display's:

We found 0 devices.
Select the devices you wish to connect.
Please select at least one device.


Why are some devices not supported?


The "Office" is what I named my thermostat.   So it sees the thermostat listed but I don't think it's supported.

Has anyone ever gotten this type of thermostat to work on a Polisy?


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