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CAO Tag Temperature Calibration


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Is this in the app or on the web?  its been a long time since I've seen that on one of my tags, its talking about calibrating the radio, not the temperature.  Temperature I believe is only a manual calibration.

I don't know where the equivalent is in the app, but on the web page under the "arrow menu" at the end: image.png.9b4475ead028f67af8adf76d1b2319e7.png

you can try "Calibrate Frequency Offset"


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I only use kumoapps so there is only me to calibrate the Tag frequency. I believe this is the radio centre frequency that may wander with environmental temperatures for the Tag transmitter.  Usually, when you recalibrate the frequency, you will see the power consumption reduce to more reasonable levels in order to save battery life. Hover your cursor over the signal level bars in the Tag app webpage to see how much power is being used. This is a later addition along with a few other tricks.

This sounds like your Tag battery may have gone dead in the middle of an operation to calibrate the frequency. I am assuming you are using the Tag NS and it may do some things automatically??? I have very little experience with the NS, except to try it when @Jimbofirst released it. With kumoapps doing what I wanted, at the time, I didn't see the purpose of switching over and removed the NS. Now I can see it may have some possibilities not offered by kumoapps, being one way data only.

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