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Holy C*** Forget bitcoin, PLM is where its at.


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I put one of me spares up for sale.  I had  recapped it and for some reason the dual band doesn't work (radio is dead).  I used it for about a year before I bought a couple of new ones and then retired it.  I put it on ebay, and reported these facts, and it has a bid already at $50.  I only figured out the radio was dead when I installed it to my church to control the insteon thermostats and it wouldn't work.  The church, at that time, only had the thermostats which of course are radio only.  Wasted a couple hours trying to figure out why the thermostats wouldn't link.  When I had it running at my house, I never noticed any issues as my network is solid and the PLM radio meant nothing.

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1 minute ago, apostolakisl said:

Just checked bitcoin, it is actually going down kind of fast of late.  So PLM's are definitely where you want to be.

I traded about half my cryptos for cash. then put in progressive offers to buy back at about 5% drops all the way down to about 1/3 of what they are now. Two of my ETH and one of my XRP buybacks have already dropped so far.

Good time for anybody not owning cryptocoins to jump in, if you have the guts to HODL. Cryptos are not like stocks. They don't go off the market like faked stock prices, and they don't disappear. They always come back for the last 20 years, anyway.... it's just when.

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