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"Cannot Communicate..." message on wired and battery devices


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I have a very similar situation (to this post). I have updated my ISY to version 5.3.4 about two weeks ago. Since then I have received the "Cannot Communicate with..." messages on more than 10 devices wired and battery operated. For the most part these same devices seem to respond to programs properly but occasionally they do not. In my case these are all Zwave devices. I have only a few Insteon devices and these do not seem to be affected.

I have run the "Zwave Synchronize Nodes" command for all of the nodes. This has not solved the problem.  I am hoping to avoid excluding and then re-including these devices so I don't have to spend hours adjusting the many programs I have running.

I do have a Polisy Pro running with my ISY. I would like to run ISY on Polisy but I do not fully understand it yet. I am not apposed to simply moving everything to the Polisy and retire my 994i ZW/IR Pro.

Any suggestion?

Thank you.


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