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Has Anybody Extended a USB PLM To Be Remote From Polisy?


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Was thinking through the logistics of migrating from ISY/Serial PLM to Polisy/USB PLM and realized I need a way to locate the USB PLM remote from Polisy. This is easy with the serial version using CAT6 but not sure the best approach for USB. Since the best place for the Polisy is in the server closet, the best place for any radio Z-Wave or Zigbee dongle is High and central, and the best place for the PLM is basement near the main panel, I want to be clear on how to prewire for the migration to Polisy. If I can't remote a USB PLM then I am even more dependent on the serial version which is not a great situation to be in. I can always run a dedicated "clean" AC circuit to the server closet for the USB PLM biut that is a last resort option I want to avoid.

Anybody extended a USB PLM more than 50 feet from their Polisy?

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