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Ecobee working but can't see door/window sensors


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First-off, I'm a newbie to this forum so apologies if I'm asking a stupid question or doing it in the wrong way.

I've had my ISY system running for about 12 years. I recently installed an Ecobee thermostat along with two room sensors and two door/window sensors. I installed the Ecobee nodeserver v2.3.0 on my ISY and after a little head-scratching and finger-crossing everything came up. I can see, query and control the thermostat and room sensors in my ISY network and UD Mobile app?. BUT ISY cannot see the door/window sensors?. I can see them in the Ecobee app and the thermostat panel so I know they're alive, but they don't show up as nodes in the Polyglot cloud or in the ISY device tree.

Are the Ecobee door/window sensors treated differently from the room sensors, or are they somehow incompatible or not supported? I was hoping to be able to, for example, turn off the AC when the patio door is open. If I can't get the Ecobee sensors to work perhaps I'll need to swap them out for Z-wave sensors.

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Ecobee was my first introduction to nodeservers, too, and it's all black art to me but this is what worked for me.

First, I assume you have an ISY Portal account. If not, please see this link from the UDI WIKI:  https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=ISY_Portal_Installation_Instructions. The cost is really reasonable - something like $20/yr.

In the upper right-hand corner of the ISY Portal main screen, click Open Polyglot and login using your ISY Portal credentials. The Polyglot Cloud should find your ISY (if it doesn't, I'm sorry I can't help).  Click on Store and you'll see a list of nodeservers supporting various 3rd party products. Locate Ecobee version 2.3.0 and click on Install. This will install the nodeserver SW on your ISY. Somewhere in this process you'll also be presented with a login screen to your Ecobee account to allow the nodeserver access to your Ecobee.

Assuming a successful install and link to your Ecobee account, back at the Polyglot Dashboard you should see a connected Ecobee entry and when you look at the details of this entry you should see several nodes (below). In my case it was 7 nodes because I have 2 additional smart room sensors; I presume you'll see 5 nodes.



Now open the ISY Admin console. You should see a device named Ecobee Controller, which is the nodeserver you have installed. From the top menu, select Node Servers/Ecobee/Add All Nodes. This will populate all of your Ecobee devices in your ISY network tree as shown below. You can now select any of these devices to see their status or set parameters, and you can access these parameters in programs.





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