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One wire networks


Would you like to see a way of using a 1-wire network interface with the ISY?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see a way of using a 1-wire network interface with the ISY?

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I would really like to see a way of reading sensors from one-wire networks. Hobby-boards is a good example of how powerful one could make their system if they could grab data from 1-wires devices. Could these be interfaced with the network module?

Here is a link to the site if you want to look into it further:



A couple of examples would be:


- creating your own weather station that could relay the info to you and manage heating/cooling/blind and drape control differently depending on the weather conditions


- Using multi-I/O boards reliably without all of the problems that the EZ#$% devices have been posing.


I've been wanting to build a weather station for years so that I don't need to rely exclusively on internet weather conditions and the local news.


What do you guys think about 1Wire? The hub normally attaches to the serial port of your computer, so once it is possible to use the GC-100, then chances are we could figure out a way of using them. Thanks.

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This would be a useful feature indeed.


Before I was using the ISY, I was controlling all HA with a computer that had a 1-wire hub attached to one of the serial ports. I had Dallas 1-wire temperature sensors installed at several locations throughout the house connected to the hub via existing legacy telephone wiring, which had been abandoned when we switched to an all cordless phone system.


The nifty thing about this setup is that I crimped the 1-wire sensors--which are the same size and shape as a common transistor--directly into RJ-45 connectors. These little packages were then plugged into existing telephone jacks, providing a nearly invisible installation for less than $5 per location!


Old style telephone wiring is run to every jack in parallel (and 1-wire devices also get wired up in parallel), so the 1-wire hub can be connected to any convenient phone jack.




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Interesting interface,


One of my pet projects from a couple of years ago was to actively monitor soil moisture and adjust my irrigation systems accordingly. I looked at the hobby-boards offerings but shelved the idea because I didn't want to dedicate a PC to the task. ...Never though about using the ISY...


The GC-100 appears to be overkill for my simple communication conversion. I need to give some thought about other possible uses for the device (and placement).


Poopy, just realized I didn't run Cat5 to the garage. What was I thinking? The garage footprint exceeds that of the living area (I count that as a positive) but I have no communication there (other than security). I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow...



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Thanks for your votes, guys.


Monitoring soil moisture is an excellent idea. You could also have a leaf wetness sensor to detect if it's raining or if there is a lot of dew.

You could use these devices for a hydroponics system or an aquarium as well. Maybe even somehow remind you to refill the pet's water bowl. :)

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