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lots of chatter and activity


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HI All,


I have been using ISY for over a year with almost no issues, not that I think this is an ISY issue I think it is an insteon issue.


yesterday without any ideas of what could be causing this, I started noticing that the lights on my Insteon devices started flashing very rappidly like there was a ton of communication happening. I Have over 80 devices, and I am not sure where to start the trouble shooting, I have rebooted the ISY to no avail, I can log into ISY, I have rebooted Homeseer I have checked the Home seer logs and dont see anything out of the ordnary... Some of the switched that are linked to each other will respond after like a 10-15 second delay...


Can someone please help..

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I've not experienced this, but I wonder if you have some electronic device failing somewhere. Perhaps it is one of your insteon devices failing?


If it were me, I would be shutting off circuit breakers during one of these outbreaks of flashing lights, to try to identify if there was a particular circuit that is causing this unwanted traffic. Hopefully, you can find a particular circuit that, when disabled, causes the noise to cease. If so, perhaps that will narrow down a search for a failing device.

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Does the chatter eventually settle down? Sometimes repeated power glitches can cause the ISY to restart which would kick off the polling to check the status of your devices. With 80 of them it will take awhile, especially if it keeps restarting due to flaky power.


Another thing to look for is a bad Access Point.

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The Event Viewer should show any Insteon or X10 traffic that the PLM sees.


I have seen where a bad Insteon device can cause such traffic but does not show up in the Event Viewer, apparently the signals are too weak or not valid. If you can locate a breaker that stops the noise Insteon switches can be isolated by pulling the set button.

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