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MobiLinc Pro 2.11 is Available on the App Store!


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Hi all,


MobiLinc Pro 2.11 is Available on the App Store! Here are the following features found in 2.11:


- Name change to MobiLinc.

- Option to set programs as favorites

- Performance enhancements

- Under My Settings, option to enter in your own custom text that directs MobiLinc to auto-hide any scene, device, or program that starts with this custom text. This is useful to hide a device, scene, or program from all your iPhones or iPod Touches by prepending this text to the beginning of a device, scene or program name.

- Shake the iPhone or iPod to jump to the MobiLinc startup page.

- Other bug fixes.



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I just upgraded from iLinc to Mobilinc Pro 2.11 and now the app doesn't load anymore on my iPod Touch...(version 3.1.2) When I press on the program's icon, the Mobilinc stratup screen shows up, and as usual at the bottom of the screen a blue progress bar appears (it says Loading Profile: Default), then, the app closes immediately :twisted:


Whan can I do????


I was so appy with this app before, can I revert to the older version?

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Hi stef2,


I'm sorry to hear MobiLinc is failing to start for you. Do you have any thermostats in your setup? I received a report yesterday that indicated for some users with thermostats upgrading from 2.10 to 2.11 caused a startup crash. The root of this problem is under investigation, but there is a workaround. Please remove MobiLinc from your device and re-install MobiLinc from iTunes. This will force the settings and database to clear out allowing MobiLinc to cleanly sync with your ISY.


Please post back the results of the re-install.


I apologize for the inconvenience.



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Hi stef2,


I found the issue with the startup crash. Here are the details:


Problem: There was an issue in the 2.11 release where if a user was upgrading from 2.10 to 2.11 AND the user had changed the thermostat setting outside of MobiLinc from the iPhone/iPod Touch Settings page in 2.10, version 2.11 would crash on startup.


Temp Fix: Once 2.11 is installed go to Settings->MobiLinc Pro and select either Fahrenheit or Celsius from the Thermostat Display options. Launch MobiLinc. OR remove MobiLinc and reinstall from iTunes.


I've released a fix (2.12) to Apple and am awaiting approval.


2.12 also fixes a bug with how MobiLinc pulls the My Settings -> “Hide Text†from the internal database.



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