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I know this request has been posted at least once before but I couldn’t find it to give it a bump.

Now that batch mode has been implemented this request may be a little easier to fulfill.


Would it be possible to set up the isy so that when the “set options†button is pressed for an Insteon ms, and if the ms is not in programming mode the isy would store the changes? Then the next time the ms communicates, the stored changes would be sent to the ms.


I have done some limited testing on this by pressing the “set options†button, then tripping the ms by movement, then pressing the ok button in the confirm window. The isy will pull the stored values from the ms and if changes are made quick enough the ms will accept the new changes.


Taking it a step further would it be possible to include changing these setting options in programs? For instance:


       Control 'Test MS-Sensor' is switched On

       Set 'Test MS-Sensor' Option Setting .5 sec Timeout
       Set 'Test MS-Sensor' Option Setting 55 LED Brightness

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

These features would be very helpful. I am sure I am not the only one who have at least one motion sensor which is a pain to get to, plus making changes would be so much easier and with the inclusion of option changes in programs it would become much more versatile.




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Hi Tim,


This is an excellent idea but might cause unintended behavior if it's done automatically. Such as missing events, wrong bytes written, etc.


I would like to programming mode (except for trivial non-RF devices) as manual as possible simply because it would be much harder for our support team to track down bugs and help our customers especially if the user was NOT aware of what was being done to his/her system.


With kind regards,


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Hi Michel,


I understand your point, I could see where automatic option adjust could cause problems, especially when called up in programs.

What do you think of allowing the “set option†to operate and update manually with the “turn off automatic updates to battery powered devices†button (or even if the isy gave a 30 second window of opportunity)? Once you were ready to change the option you could uncheck the button and then create a motion activation on that ms at which point after the ms sends its message the isy could step in and upload the data changes?


Thanks for the consideration,



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