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eKeypad ISY version 1.2.0 is now available


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I am pleased to announce that Apple has just approved version 1.2.0 of eK ISY and it should start appearing as a free download by tomorrow morning.


Following is the list of enhancements in this version.

- Enhancement: If a list only contains one item it will be automatically displayed.

- Enhancement: Splash screen now displays the application version.

- Enhancement: Numerous user interface tweaks and changes

- Enhancement: Thermostats now have a details screen

- Enhancement: Thermostat links and/or temperature can now be added to favorites screen

- Enhancement: Thermostat control screen is improved to better support different thermostats

- Enhancement: Program details screen now shows extended data (last run, next run, etc.)

- Enhancement: Incompatibility ISY firmware version are identified and user message displayed

- Enhancement: Controllers can optionally be hidden (only responders will be displayed)

- Enhancement: Update to support early release I/O links

- Enhancement: Search functionality changed from "starts with" to "contains"

- Enhancement: A10/X10 module is now supported

- Enhancement: "Share Metrics" setting added for optional and anonymous GUI usage feedback


- Bug fix: Scroll wheels are now forcibly hidden when leaving a screen

- Bug fix: Temperature scale in GUI now always matches the configuration preference

- Bug Fix: Several issues displaying thermostat data have been resolved

- Bug Fix: Several issues controlling Venstar thermostats have been resolved

- Bug Fix: Unnecessary and redundant network error messages are now only displayed once

- Bug Fix: Program folders are now correctly categorized as folders

- Bug Fix: Scene favorites toggle now shows correct state in all scenarios

- Bug Fix: Leaving a screen while entering search term no longer disables scrolling

- Bug Fix: Status screen data now displays correctly in all situations

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