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Does Insteon.com sell dimmers?


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The company went belly up in the early 2022 and everything was gone. Including the HUB servers.

The company has opened under new management. Many are employees from the older management.

Yes they are again selling modules and have posted a list of dates when things should again be in stock for sale again. The 2477D was one of the modules being sold again. They have resumed production of modules. Things like new 2413S PLM scheduled for the first quarter of 2023  and the improved PLM in the second quarter.

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12 hours ago, HTTRC said:

I noticed they have an e-commerce option to buy a 2477D ($67 including shipping).  Are they actually fulfilling orders?  Where are they getting their hardware?  I thought they were tango-uniform. 

The price is $54.95 assuming you're in the U.S. Here's the link to the Insteon store.

Dimmer Switch – Insteon

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