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Agave Device States Mislabeled


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In my list of devices on Agave are three Insteon plug in lamp controllers and I just noticed they are showing up either "OPEN" or "CLOSED" as states instead of the expected "ON" and "OFF" as they used to, and every other light controller does. Any idea what to do to fix that?




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Have you tried clicking "Things", then "Switches/Dimmers".  Find your device and click on it.

Select the "Options" box.  It allows the entry of Custom Status and Custom Buttons.  Try entering what you want the states to read.  (You have to pass through all the fields and then press "Save".)

This works for Scenes as well as devices.





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They can be manually fixed one by one as indicated above.  This was one of the reasons I didn't like Agave, there were too many objects were I needed to manually fix the states, of each device, not for the module type.   I wrote James about it once long ago and never heard back.

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